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2014 Writers and Illustrators of the Future Awards

On April 13, the L. Ron Hubbard Achievement Awards were presented in Los Angeles. Since 1983, the Writers of the Future contest has provided aspiring short story writers with the opportunity to see their work published. The artistic side of this contest was introduced in 1988. The judges, established sf writers and illustrators, led a week-long workshop for the winners, all of whom will see their stories and artwork featured in Volume 30 of the Writers of the Future annual anthology.

Golden Pen Award, Story of the Year

Randy Henderson for “Memories Bleed Beneath the Mask”


Golden Brush Award, Illustrator of the Year

Trevor Smith


Awarded Authors

Liz Colter (CO)

Jessica Eanes (pen name: Anaea Lay) (WI)

Darren Eggett (pen name: Paul Eckheart) (UT)

Amanda Forrest (CO)

Cregg Hardwick (pen name: C. Stuart Hardwick) (TX)

Oleg Kazantsev (IL)

Leena Likitalo of Helsinki (Finland)

Terry Maulhardt (pen name: Terry Madden) (CA)

Kathleen Miller (pen name: K. C. Norton) (PA)

Megan E. O’Keefe (CA)

Shauna O’Meara (Australian Capital Territory)

Randy Henderson (WA)


Awarded Illustrators

Cassandre Bolan (PA)

Adam Brewster (UK)

Vincent-Michael Coviello (MA)

Kirbi Fagan (MI)

Vanessa Golitz (Germany)

Kristie Kim of Raleigh (NC)

Seonhee Lim (NY)

Sarah Webb (AK)

Bernardo Mota (Portugal)

Trevor Smith (AZ)

Andrew Sonea (Canada)

Michael Talbot (MA)



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