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Booklist Editor Donna Seaman Moonlights for a Better Earth

Creative Nonfiction: The Human Face of SustainabilityHow Donna Seaman does it, I’ll never know. In addition to her prodigious reviewing load for Booklist, our adult books senior editor finds time for many fascinating outside projects. In what is merely her most recent, she guest-edited the spring issue of Creative Nonfiction magazine, reading nearly 450 essays submitted for the theme “The Human Face of Sustainability.” She forwarded her recommendations to a team of reviewers at Arizona State University’s Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives, who selected a winner for a $10,000 prize—and, in an unprecedented move, offered up another $1,000 for each of the finalists, so taken were they with the entries’ quality. Read Donna’s introductory essay, “Facing Facts.”

Donna made another important contribution to the issue, interviewing Elizabeth Kolbert, author of The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History (2014). You can read that in its entirety as well, and you’re bound to agree that “Turning Out the Lights Just Isn’t Going to Do It.”

Sustainability is not recycling, nor bringing cloth bags to the supermarket. It is fundamentally rethinking everything that we do, and it is living very, very differently. —Elizabeth Kolbert



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