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Book Trailer Thursday: The Boys in the Boat

Turn on your TV and flip to NBC. Now, dial it back 77 years, six months and a few days. Set the antennae about 60 degrees to the… What, your TV doesn’t do that? Did you try kicking the side of it? Switching off then on again? You should probably get that fixed, but luckily I can hook up your time travel today. (Next time will cost you.)

So, all together now, here we are at the 1936 summer Olympics in Berlin for BTT’s second featured Carnegie longlist title, The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown (Viking). Alan Moores writes in his starred review that the book “informs as it inspires,” and interested listeners won’t be disappointed by the audiobook version, either, according to Sue-Ellen Beauregard. Stay tuned to see if The Boys in the Boat and other Carnegie titles make the next cut when the shortlist is announced this spring.



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