Book Trailer Thursday: Romance Is My Day Job

In the spirit of wholeheartedly embracing that equally loved and loathed mid-February holiday arriving on our doorsteps tomorrow, BTT turns to–who else?–a Romance editor for some wisdom this week. Harlequin editor Patience Bloom shares her real-life love story via the well-known characters and plots of classic romances in Romance Is My Day Job (Dutton). (Dangerous stacks of books AND abdomnial muscles featured in the trailer below.)

But first–if you think a date with a book sounds pretty good, well, so do we! Check out the Twitter hashtag #bookvalentines, see the loving/clever/heartbreaking submissions and tweet one of your own to @ALA_Booklist. We’ll be featuring them in an upcoming blog post!

Love is “a lot of reading, re-reading, revising, and negotiating.” Actually, I think that just about sums it up.



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