Book Trailer Thursday: A Street Cat Named Bob

It’s not news that Bob, the ginger (“orange,” in American) heart-stealing, life-changing cat has sat cozily curled on best-seller lists near and far for some time. (He stole Brad Hooper’s heart, for one, back in April.) It is news, however, that over the pond they’ve been enjoying The World According to Bob, which picks up where ASCNB left off, since last summer. Quelle injustice! Look for the Booklist review this spring and, in the meantime, get to know Bob’s on-screen persona a little better. Knit him a scarf, if you have the time.

Can you count the high fives?



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Annie Bostrom is a marketing associate for Booklist publications. She lives down the street from Chicago’s second-highest-circulating library, and she knows this. Follow her on Twitter at @eyehustlin.

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