Winter Is for Snow by Robert Neubecker

Winter Is for SnowCindy: Winter Is for Snow (Disney/Hyperion 2013). Huh. We don’t need a picture book to tell us that this year in West Michigan! We are in the midst of a Polar Vortex (cue the dramatic music) and I’m home on my second snow day and the snow is still coming down and the wind is still blowing. Do I hear three-peat? At any rate, finding Neubecker’s book at the public library last week was either perfect timing…or a curse because it hasn’t stopped snowing since.

The book opens with a boy in striped pajamas throwing open the curtains to a snowy urban scene. He shouts, “Winter is for SNOW!” His less-than-thrilled sister facing away from the window with arms folded and a scowl, says simply, “No.” Brother and sister argue about the merits and irritations of winter weather but her brother is persistent and won’t accept her “no.” It takes some fantasizing about the real winters at the north and south poles before sis warms to the idea of enjoying the cold but it’s always more fun once you’ve gotten over the idea of bundling up and getting out there! Neubecker delivers a fun, bouncy, rhyming trip with lots of playful P1030410scenes to enjoy…with a warm cup of hot chocolate inside by a fire! 🙂 Hey, it’s -15 degrees (F) IMG_0401[1]here so I’m all about the hot chocolate and curling up with a good book, but I’m babysitting my daughter’s pup who loves the snow so I’m getting my outdoor time too. Even the squirrels are cold this week.



Lynn:  This sounds like the perfect book to be snow-bound with!  Even here in the land of lake effect we are beginning to wonder if the snow is ever going to stop!  I haven’t seen this book yet because neither of us has ventured out to hand books to each other.  I’m trusting Cindy on this snowy book.  Speaking of snow – here is a picture of the snow front yardmountain that used to be my front yard.  Stay warm everyone!



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