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Book Trailer Thursday: Fosse

At over 700 pages, Sam Wasson’s new biography Fosse, our reviewer David Pitt writes, “feels like it ends too soon.” The book’s trailer confirms that Pitt is to be taken at his word. It seems woefully truncated at a whopping–in BTT land–5:33, and makes me wish for a feature-length film of Wasson acting as himself becoming Fosse. Perhaps I should read… the…? Ah, good work, Fosse trailer. Very well done. If only they were all like this.

Warning: Some F-bombs, short shorts, cigarettes in the shower, and cake on the floor.
Antiwarning: Dance sequences! Voicemail from Liza Minelli! Eric Roberts holding pie! And cake, on the floor.

“Sammy, it’s Nathan Lane. I know about the cake.”



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