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Alice Munro Wins Nobel Prize in Literature

Alice Munro, “master of the contemporary short story,” was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature this morning. The Nobel Prize committee didn’t have much more than that to say, choosing instead to let her tremendous body of work do the heavy lifting.  Here’s a selection of some Booklist favorites, including her latest, Dear Life, which Munro has reportedly said will be her last. Let’s hope it’s not so!

Dear Life

Dear Life

Munro’s latest collection brings to mind the expression, ‘What is old is new again.’ As curiously trite and hardly complimentary as that statement may sound, it is offered as unreserved praise for the continued wonderment provided by arguably the best short story writer in English today. 

Too Much Happiness

Awestruck readers will realize about three-quarters of the way through this book that they won’t be satiated. More stories, please. 


Munro is remarkable for the ease and completeness with which she brings the world of a character into the frame, and her characteristic and greatly effective looping through time–not just connecting present and past but also indicating the future–is haunting. 

The Love of a Good Woman

To read Munro’s stories is to enter dense woods at the height of summer, so rich are they in spiky detail, shifting patterns of light and shadow, rustlings of unseen beings, and fecund smells, but the path is easily found, and it leads to wondrous sights and surprising disclosures.



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