Dusty Book: Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman

practicalmagicCelebrate the softer side of Halloween with Alice Hoffman’s charming Practical Magic. The Owens women are witches. They could just be really lucky with gardening and have a statistically improbable number of black cats and toads around the house; but they are witches. And because this is Alice Hoffman’s contemporary New England, they are beautiful, struggling, good-hearted witches. Sally is the raven-haired mother of two and Gillian is the golden-locked wild child who returns to the family homestead with a dead pile of trouble in her trunk. This is vintage domestic, dreamy magical realism and should not be judged by the Sandra Bullock/Nicole Kidman movie, even though the Stockard Channing was in it and she is awesome.



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Karen Kleckner Keefe is the director of the Hinsdale (IL) Public Library, a Booklist reviewer, and one of Library Journal's 2009 "Movers and Shakers." Follow her on Twitter at @KarenKleckner.

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