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The Novel is alive and well, thank you very much: How to Read a Novelist

John Freeman is a passionate reader. John Freeman is also a champion of authors, books and reading. He has been a book critic for years, was president of the National Book Critics Circle and editor in chief at Granta. He has interviewed countless authors and he shares his insights and conversations with many of the authors he has interviewed in How to Read a Novelist.

All book groups are looking for the next great book to tackle or author to discover. Every week I get questions in my library about helping book groups assemble a list of possibilities. John Freeman’s How to Read a Novelist (released 10/8) will serve as a great resource for book groups and garden variety voracious readers alike.

John Freeman covers more than 50 authors in the book.  There are authors most book groups are familiar with, like: Louise Erdrich, Dave Eggers, Toni Morrison, Margaret Atwood and Philip Roth. But there are also authors that many groups may not have heard of, like: Hisham Matar, Aleksandar Hemon, Ayu Utami and Geoff Dyer.

This is a fun book to peruse. And John Freeman’s motto, that the novel us doing just fine, thank you, had me hook, line and sinker.




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