Reading the Screen: American Sniper

american sniperThis looks promising: Steven Spielberg has announced (see this story at the Guardian’s website) that he’ll be directing a movie based on Chris Kyle’s 2011 memoir, American Sniper. Kyle, you might remember, was the Navy SEAL and sniper who was shot to death, by a fellow combat veteran, at a gun range in February 2013.

Bradley Cooper’s company is producing the film, and he’s going to star as Kyle. Given the kind of life Kyle lived, and its tragic conclusion, the movie should have a pretty high profile. The book is very good — it feels like a military thriller, not a dry autobio — and Spielberg, who has some experience in filming realistically simulated combat, is, I think, an excellent choice to Kyle’s memoir to the screen.

How about you? Would you have chosen somebody different to direct the movie?



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