Reading the Screen: 11/22/63

11 22 63According to this story at, Bad Robot, the company run by J.J. Abrams (TV’s Alias and Lost; the films Mission Impossible 3 and Star Trek), is working on a deal to option Stephen King’s excellent 2011 novel 11/22/63 for television. If you haven’t read the novel, you really ought to. King’s take on the time-travel story is very clever, with an emotional kick you might not be expecting.

Obviously the JFK assassination plays a role in the story, but the novel’s not really about the JFK assassination…that sounds confusing, I know, but telling you any more would spoil some of King’s surprises.

And I somehow missed this, but apparently last year Jonathan Demme (The Silence of the Lambs) was involved in a feature film adaptation. I think doing the book for the small screen makes a lot more sense: this is a big book, with a big story, and I can’t see how a movie — even, say a two-and-a-half-hour film — could do it justice.



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