Housewives with shiny knives

2013_mystery-month-buttonThe announcement for a new anthology of crime stories couldn’t come at a better time. As you may have gathered, May is Mystery Month at Booklist and Short Story Month everywhere.domesticsuspense

In August, fans of both can enjoy an anthology with a great title: Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives: Stories from the Trailblazers of Domestic Suspense. Editor Sarah Weinman has gathered fourteen stories from authors who wrote some of their best work between the 1940s and 1960s.

If the term “domestic suspense” sounds rather tame, read Weinman’s great definition of it here. It gave me chills. I think we’re on the verge of a new term, “kitchen noir.” And there’s nothing more terrifying than a hard-boiled Betty Crocker.

Wait ’til the book groups get their hands on this one.



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