Crime in short form: Akashic’s Urban Noir series

2013_mystery-month-buttonMay is Short Story Month. This is a great time to ease a book group into approachingkansascitynoir the short story with more than just trepidation. And what better way than to coat the short story in a little urban grit to make it go down smoother?

Start with Akashic Books ‘noir’ series and look for your book group’s city. If it’s not present, give it time. 🙂

Akashic is combing the world for atmospheric noir stories that capture an urban setting and city’s character and characters. The books go coast to coast, Boston Noir to Seattle Noir, and international, from Paris Noir to Delhi Noir.

Groups can discuss the elements of noir and how the authors were able pack them all into a short story. Readers may also enjoy discussing the historical neighborhoods of their cities.

Consider asking the readers to all read a different story from a collection and present it to the group.




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