Manly Men reading Manly Books

When I give workshops about book groups the #1 conundrum presented during the Q&A is “how do we get more men to attend?” My stock answer is always, “Men are reading. But most of the men I know don’t want to schedule a time to talk about what they’re reading. The book conversation is happening wartoffieldinghen the hood is up, the steak is on the grill, or during halftime.”

But now GQ provides a list of “new classics for the 21st century” and they claim that these are guy-bait. What I love best about the list? Those readerbros at GQ are man enough to include women on the list–Zadie Smith, Marilynne Robinson, Alice Munro and Jhumpa Lahiri.

Seriously, there are some great titles on the list and all are suitable for discussions. Many have already made the book group circuit, but in case your group hasn’t read everything and you’d like to entice male readers, check out the 21 gems on this list. And they included my favorite, The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach.




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