Web Crush of the Week: Chick Lit is not Dead


Like all the best bloggers, blonde moms and authors Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke love what they do. So it’s awesome that what they love is reading chick lit and gushing about it. (Oh, and they love their kids and occasionally gush about mommy stuff, too.)

Chick Lit is Not Dead features lots of giveaways, interviews, and great author guest segments like “5 Best Evers“; “5 Do’s and a Do-over“; “5 Loves and a Dud“;  “5 Things I’d Tell the Teen Me“; and5 Things Liz & Lisa Didn’t Know About…”

And, not to sound shallow, but it’s a really pretty site. Liz and Lisa take their writing and marketing seriously, and it shows. They’re smart cookies with a taste for Hermes and happy endings. What’s not to like?

They’ve also written a novel, due out in 2014. Rebecca already has it on her to-read list.

This post originally appeared in a modified version on Shelfrenewal.com in 2011.



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