Dusty Book: Smart vs. Pretty by Valerie Frankel

The author of Smart vs. Pretty, Valerie Frankel, is actually I writer I’ve really liked for many years without really knowing it—Frankel has written countless articles for many teen and women’s magazines.  (Sadly, she also “co-wrote” Snooki’s book… but I realized I had to forgive her when it became clear I’ve been enjoying her writing since I was a young chick checking out Young Miss magazine from the school library. 80s ladies, you hear me.)

231832In Smart vs. Pretty, dissimilar sisters Francesca and Amanda run a family coffee shop in Brooklyn Heights. When a chain coffee shop moves into the neighborhood, Francesca (the smart one) and Amanda (the pretty one) team up with a marketing student to revitalize the business. Frankel has a great knack for writing true to life characters with a great sense of humor.



About the Author:

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  1. m.barnes@sohliteraryagency.net' Meghan says:

    Sounds like a fun read! I forgive Frankel for the Snookie snafu too. 🙂

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