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I’ve blogged before about one of my favorite Chicago mystery novels,  Jack Clark’s Westerfield’s Chain. In that post, I lamented that it seemed to be a stand-alone book. Much to my delight, Jack himself commented on the post and sent me copies of his follow-up Nick Acropolis novels, as well as a book of his mother’s desk diaries from World War II.  I was very pleased to get reviews up on Booklist Online.

In Dancing on Graves, private eye Nick Acropolis finds himself searching for evidence that will free a convicted murderer who is currently sitting on on Death Row, thanks to Nick. You can read the full review here. Once again, Clark fills his book with great Chicago details and just the right amount of shady atmosphere that will really appeal to mystery readers.

In Highway Side, Nick finds himself outside the usual gritty Chicago confines as he investigates a drug-smuggling case in rural Illinois. As with his other Nick Acropolis novels, Clark creates realistically corrupt characters (even his good guys aren’t always good). You can read the full review here.

Jack Clark, driving his cab

It’s worth noting that Bill Ott was also fascinated with Clark and his books, having profiled him for a Booklist “Story Behind the Story” feature in 2010. He also reviewed Nobody’s Angel (another mystery, not in the Nick Acropolis series)  in 2010.

If you (or your patrons) enjoy gritty, character-driven private eye stories, you can’t go wrong with Clark’s mysteries.





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