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Book Group Guy Bait

Loaded words, I know.

The greatest challenge I hear from book group leaders is getting more male readers to attend. Aside from snatching dudes wandering the DIY section of the stacks and plopping them in the middle of a book chat, facilitators consider the reading selections to entice men to the book group.no_easy_day_book_cover_a_p

If historical nonfiction is perennially popular with men who read, then military memoirs could be considered biblio-catnip. USAToday collated a list of memoirs from NavySEALS.  There’s an expanded list as well. Full disclosure: I contributed a comment to one of the stories. I said these books have been very popular lately and are good gateway titles into nonfiction for readers of hard-boiled mysteries.

That said, there’s a number of discussable titles on these lists that both genders will enjoy.





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