Book Trailer Thursday: Pride and Prejudice and Kitties

Valentines may come and go, “Love always!” might become “Yo, I want my Sega back,” and the grossest chocolates will most certainly die a stale death in their heart-shaped box assortment, but Book Trailer Thursday aims to give you a gift on this 2-14 you won’t soon forget. No, BTT won’t spend any time picking out only the non-commital conversation hearts (“hey you”) for you, dear viewer. We give you Jane Austen and cats, and that means we’re in it for the long haul.

Cat narration? Whoa! With thought bubbles? Pinch me. (Marry me.)



About the Author:

Annie Bostrom is a marketing associate for Booklist publications. She lives down the street from Chicago’s second-highest-circulating library, and she knows this. Follow her on Twitter at @eyehustlin.

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