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This is the sort of book non-readers (who are secretly jealous) give to readers. The non-readers may think they’re nudging their reader-friends, but really, we readers are just a teensy bit smug because we get all the in-jokes.

Judging a Book by its Lover by Lauren Leto is a snarky fun look at the reading and reader biz. There’s tips for performing a bookstore hook-up (“remember, it’s all about the book”). Rules for reading in public (“take any of the hard drinkers, like Joyce or Fitzgerald, to the bar”).

There’s a petition for changing the pejorative “bookworm” to the sexier “bookcat”. Don’t skip the rules about Book Club (“The first rule of book club is you have to talk about Book Club. The second rule of book club is you have to talk about Book Club”).

And for anyone who needs a quick primer on biblio-cocktail party chat, turn immediately to the chapter “How to Fake It”. Never worry again about forming a bon mot about David Sedaris, Ayn Rand, Jonathan Franzen or Alice Munro.

A fun book to bring to the book group for a few chortles. It would also be a good year-end prize gift.

And don’t forget to visit the goofball website for the book.



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