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Dusty Book: Thanksgiving Night

One of the great thrills of reading fiction is that sense of recognition you get from characters or situations.  Or, on the flip side, that sense of, “thank GOD my life/family/friends are nothing like this!”  Think your family get-togethers are a bit much? (I know my family sure puts the fun in dysfunctional!)  Then get to know “the Crazies” and their friends and family members in Richard Bausch’s Thanksgiving Night.

Local handyman Oliver is booked for a job over at the house occupied by “the Crazies”—elderly Holly and her even older aunt Fiona.  The two squabbling women want to literally divide the family home in two.  Holly’s son and daughter-in-law get involved, as do her grown grandchildren and any number of neighbors.  Sounds like a comedy, but really, there are serious themes of love, death, sexuality, community, and the fragility of happiness are all here.





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