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Book Trailer Thursday: Red Rain

What’s scary about homeless orphan twin brothers? I don’t know… Everything? The trailer for R.L. Stine’s first horror novel for adults, Red Rain, doesn’t tell us much, but it’s enough for me.

Whenever “staying dead” is in question, I tend to stay away, so it should come as no surprise that Goosebumps were never my favorite books. In 1993, I optimistically brought book #1, Welcome to Dead House, to a hospital waiting room only to, terrified, quickly abandon it there. It could be right where I left it, having taunted many other overly sensitive, four-eyed 9 year-olds in the interim. More likely though, it was picked up by a kid who loved it, stuck the with the wildly popular series and, now past kid-dom, will be pretty psyched to see some grown-er-up gore from Stine. And Red Rain is indeed grown-er-up: the trailer’s revolving quotes advise that the book remain “far away from kids,” and the Booklist review calls it “emphatically not for younger readers.”

Some won’t be able to stay away, I imagine, but 9 year-old me would have no trouble.



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