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Just for Fun: Best. Library. Video. Ever!

Watch it you must – and just in time for the release of The HobbitThe Lord of the Libraries by Chris Martin, who wrote and directed this epic in 2004 while a student at Kansas University. There’s more about Martin and his completely AWESOME video in this KU News article released when Martin won an Emmy for his work on Heroes.

Martin credits his education at KU for his career success. The skills and theory he learned through courses and the opportunities to produce projects in and outside the classroom have served him well in his career in Los Angeles, he said. In fact, his career in visual effects can be traced to one of his KU projects.

Martin created two informational videos for the KU Libraries, “Library:Revolutions” and “Lord of the Libraries,” spoofing “The Matrix” and “Lord of the Rings.” In order to mimic those films, he had to learn about visual effects.

“Those movies were a lot of fun, and I give a lot of credit to the awesome people at the KU Libraries for giving us the opportunity to make something cool,” Martin said. “I’ve obviously gotten a lot better since then, but I think my experience with visual effects in college really prepared me for a career in this field.”

And after watching, I must admit to a strong desire to change my name – Lady Librarowen, it has a very nice ring to it…



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