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What makes YA fiction so popular?

Next week, I’ll be making my annual trip to Bouchercon, a fan-favorite mystery convention, where I’ll be moderating “The Popularity of YA Books” with Joelle Charbonneau, Jordan Dane, Michelle Gagnon, and Bev Irwin. It’s no secret that YA is hotter than ever, and it’s not just for kids anymore—if indeed it ever was. But I definitely have questions for these popular authors. How do they define YA, for starters? Is a definition even necessary? How do they approach writing YA versus writing for adults? And, if the basis for any book’s popularity is simply its quality, how do they ensure their work resonates with YA readers?

These are just a few of the questions on my mind as I prepare to find out whether Cleveland truly rocks. Do you have any other questions you’d like me to ask? Let me know and I’ll see if I can work them in!

And, if you’re planning to attend, here are the details:

Thursday, October 4
12:15 – 1:05 p.m.
The Popularity of YA Books
With Joelle Charbonneau, Jordan Dane, Michelle Gagnon,  and Bev Irwin
Ambassador Room, Cleveland Marriott Renaissance



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  1.' Jordan Dane says:

    Thanks for the promo on our panel, Keir. I’m looking forward to the discussion. Great start on the questions. The cross over appeal of YA fiction with adult readers would be intriguing to explore.

    Jordan Dane

  2. I have just visited this site and got interested in the question “WHAT MAKES YA FICTION SO POPULAR?” Sadly I have no access for such conference and seminar. Hoping you can share it online.

  3. Keir Graff says:

    Thanks for your interest, Devorah. Unfortunately, this was a live event in 2012 and was not recorded for internet sharing.

    If you look at the left-hand navigation bar on Booklist Online today, under “Current Issue,” you’ll find some thought-provoking articles about the difference between Young Adult and New Adult, including “What is New Adult Fiction?” (Link: Hope that provides stimulating reading!

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