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The 31 Horror Films in 31 Days Challenge: 2012

You thought you killed it in 2010. You saw it buried beneath eight feet of rotten earth in 2011. But… good lord… what’s that coming out of the fog? Just like that demon-dog who whizzed on Freddy Krueger’s grave, thereby resurrecting him, the 31 Horror Films in 31 Days Challenge rises again.


1. Do I need to watch a movie every night?

Hell no. You want to cram 31 films into the final 48 hours, that’s your problem, bub.

2. Can I watch a movie I have seen before?

Who am I to say you can’t rewatch Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys every year. (But, dude, seriously?)

3. Do I have to finish every movie?

Yes. See, this is where the pain happens.

4. How do I play?

Use the Twitter hashtag #31HorrorFilms31Days and tweet each film along the way, complete with pithy description. Example:

18. HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW. Sorority girls fail to live up to sweet, sensitive reputations.

5. How do I win?

You “win” as long as you manage 31 films before midnight on October 31. (But if you want to “really win,” you need to have the highest overall score.)


So far, seven brave warriors of the night have volunteered for this hopeless mission.

Dan Poblocki, author of The Nightmarys. Reigning 2011 champ. (Jerk ran up his score to 34.)

Kami Garcia, co-author of the bestselling Beautiful Creatures series. Menacingly strokes vampire bat kept in her purse.

Lex Thomas, author(s)(?) of Quarantine: The Loners. Raging multiple personality disorder sufferer.

Anne Elizabeth Moore, author of Cambodian Grrrl, horror blogger, and devourer of souls.

Carrie Ryan, author of the bestselling Forest of Hands and Teeth series. Fun fact: has twelve eyes on her back.

Carlos Orellana, Booklist‘s resident ghoulunatic. Eats gumbo out of a skull.

And me, Daniel Kraus, author of Rotters and frequent complainer of rare flesh-eating diseases.

Best of luck, soldiers. I’ll see you on the other side.



About the Author:

Dan Kraus is Booklist's Editor of Books for Youth. He is also the producer and director of numerous feature films, most notably the documentary Work Series, and the author of several YA novels, including Rotters and Scowler, both of which won the Odyssey Award. Follow him on Twitter at @DanielDKraus.

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  1.' rob kirby says:

    I’m going for it. Somehow, I will get through it all.

  2.' Joshua Kerrigan says:

    This is a great post, I think you should turn it into a 2 or 3 part series.

  3. Wow the winner really is a zombie to watch all the movie.

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