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Hostile Questions: Courtney Summers

Courtney Summers lives in Canada. Now, it’s true, I’m not a quote-unquote “expert” on Canada, but I’m pretty danged smart so let me paint you a picture of her writing life. Somewhere in the frozen, unforgiving Canadian tundra squats an ominous black cabin stinking of yak hide and bear piss (aka “the smell of fear”). Inside, hunched atop a bison skull and clad only in the crudely patched tunic of a long-dead Mountie, directly beneath a portrait of Leif Erickson playing ice hockey, sits Summers, clutching a fish from which she squeezes blood to serve as ink for her moose-antler stylus.

It is in such a primitive state that she has penned such popular YA novels as Some Girls Are, Fall for Anything, and the zombie thriller This Is Not a Test.

That’s my guess, anyway. We’ll find out the truth below, eh?

An author pic to haunt your dreams.

Just who do you think you are?

Courtney the Canadian author of four young adult novels with another on the way horror movie watcher casual gamer amateur cook fan of Ed Begley Jr. Archie comic collector high school drop-out lover of capital letters zombie apocalypse survivalist hi Mom! Summers and DON’T YOU FORGET IT.

Where do you get off?

I wanted to write gritty young adult novels and no one told me I couldn’t. I guess you’ve got no one to blame but yourselves.

What’s the big idea?

Orphan boy doesn’t realize he’s a wizard, attends wizard school.

But that one isn’t mine.

This one is, though! Take six teens, trap them in their high school during THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE and tell their story through the eyes of a girl who doesn’t want to live and you’ve got my most recent release, This is Not a Test!

Bam! Kapow! Zombies!

What is your problem, man?

Impending away mission and no time to change out of this red shirt.

Haven’t you done enough?

Judging by the still unfinished state of my 2013 YA thriller, All the Rage–which is about blackmail and class and amnesia and desperate teenagers (Bam! Kapow! Blackmail!)–no. No, I have not.



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