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Fabulous! $500 audiobook library for FREE!

Top narrators & classic books for all ages. Get 27 eBooks plus audiobooks for FREE. From Jim Dale’s narration of Peter Pan & Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to selections by Booklist’s “Voice of Choice” recipients Simon Vance & Simon Prebble, this is an unbelievable batch of freebies – classic eBooks and the biggest names in audiobook narration, plus top stars such as Elijah Woods, Anne Hathaway, and Tim Curry. There’s even the Odyssey Award Honor title Treasure Island narrated by Alfred Molina! And Whispersync is LIVE!! It’s a no-brainer – get busy downloading now, and you’ll have an amazing library ready for your reading and listening pleasure.

Why this bounty? It’s a promotion for Amazon’s just-released Whispersync for Voice enhancement for Kindle, tied to the announcement of the new Kindle Fire family, and available from Amazon & its Audible subsidiary. Amazon is calling this enhancement “Immersion Reading,” something I’ve been hoping for for a long time. But you don’t need a Kindle to take advantage of the offer. Just go to the promo page for Whispersync for Voice, click on “See all FREE Whispersync for Voice Titles,” purchase the eBooks for $0.00, and then click the “Buy at Audible” button to purchace the professionally narrated title for $0.00. Total up the original cost of the audiobooks, and you’ve scored a $500.00 library for FREE. Download to whatever MP3 player you have, and read the eBooks using the free Kindle app or cloud reader. Fabulous! But the VERY BEST PART is that Whispersync for Voice works right now on the current Kindle platforms, so try it out today. So darn cool. Couldn’t wait for Freebie Friday to share this news!




About the Author:

Mary Burkey is an independent library consultant in Columbus (OH). An enthusiastic audiophile, she has served on all four of ALA's audiobook award committees as well as the Audies. In addition to writing the "Voices in My Head" column for Booklist, she is the author of Audiobooks for Youth: A Practical Guide to Sound Literature (ALA, 2013). Follow her on Twitter at @mburkey.

10 Comments on "Fabulous! $500 audiobook library for FREE!"

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  1.' Karen says:

    I already have an audible account, so it keeps trying to charge me, I think they are only free if you “sign up for a new 30 day membership”. Maybe I’m doing it wrong. Readers, please post if it works for you.

  2. Mary Burkey says:

    I have an Audible account, and I had no trouble. You must first buy the eBook on Amazon, and then click the Buy from Audible button after the eBook purchase.Give it another try!

  3.' Karen says:

    Ok…after about the 50th time it said”your amazon & audible account are not linked” it happily helped me fix that, and now they are all free! Thanks for this great find! (and your help)

  4.' David says:

    Haven’t succeeded yet.
    Clicking Amazon’s link after buying Kindle version put it in my Audible cart, but then an error occurred when I went to check out. Now Amazon won’t give me the free links again, only the “free with new membership” option, which uses the monthly credit against the first book (and then wants to charge for the rest).
    On the phone with Amazon, they didn’t know anything about this promo and pawned me off to Audible who also had know knowledge.
    I’ve started email support tickets with both, hoping it can get routed to the right place.

    • Mary Burkey says:

      Two quick things: Do you have Whispersync turned on in your “Manage my Kindle” settings? Plus, are your Amazon & Audible accounts linked (see Karen’s comment on this post)? Then, buy the book at Amazon, go to Audible page and put the related audio in cart, ignore what it wants to charge on the product page, once in cart, the cost should be zero. This worked for me even for eBook titles that I had already purchased and that Amazon reminded me that I had already purchased previously. Good luck!

  5.' David says:

    Thanks Mary for your input. (p.s. I love your blog)

    My accounts are linked, but several support people later (both phone and email) , I’m told
    “Whispersync is available only for Kindle Fire 2nd Generation and Kindle Fire HD and not for other Kindle devices or Kindle applications” . (I’m using the reader on other hardware)
    They don’t want us sneaking in the back door to get just the audio versions. 🙁

  6. Mary Burkey says:

    UPDATE! Today’s firmware update from Amazon now allows the Kindle Keyboard (K3) to use Whispersync for Voice! And the download freebies are still available. Go get ’em, David!

  7.' Michele says:

    aaaah! I am such a happy reader I can barely speak. shhhhh! I am reading and I am listening.

  8.' David says:

    Make sure you complete the process successfully the first time!

    We have success! (sort of), but Peter Pan and Alice are no longer on the list. (down to 20) Amazon’s site only presents the free link one time- once it thinks you’ve gotten it you’ll never find it again. To get the audio versions I created a new Amazon account and started over, pulling them into my Audible account.
    No Whispersync because there’s no Kindle using that Amazon account, but I do have the audio versions to listen to.

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