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Book Trailer Thursday: Over You

I know what’s the haps here at Likely Stories. You come for the staggeringly star-studded Hostile Questions, but hopefully you’ll stay for the Book Trailer Thursdays. (@ebertchicago: anytime you’d like to guest post, the microphone is yours.) Welcome back to the schoolyear! Feeling the fresh sting of an ended summer romance? Call Ex. Inc.:

Over You is the first YA title from the collaboration behind The Nanny Diaries, befitting this clever, shiny trailer. Who hasn’t bitterly tossed a photobooth strip in the trash with more than a little satisfaction?



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  1.' Likely Stories Fairy Godmother says:

    Book Trailer Thursday, do not be discouraged by your star-studded sibling, Hostile Questions. You shine in your own way. Both serials are vital and respected features on the Likely Stories blog.

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