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BiblioWeb: Shelf Renewal Blog

It looks like I’m shilling for a sister-blog, and I kinda am, but you need to know the history.

First, Shelf Renewal started as a blog from two well-known, well-read, award-winning public librarians, Karen Kleckner Keefe and Rebecca Vnuk and it was called Shelf Renewal (this is the archival site).  Then it moved over to Library Journal. Now it has a home at BooklistOnline.

In all the time that Shelf Renewal has been searching for a place to put down permanent electronic roots, bloggers Karen and Rebecca have kept up with books that most readers have forgotten. Shelf Renewal’s tag line is “Nobody Puts Backlist in a Corner.”

Book group leaders and members looking for older, hidden gems should start here. And readers’ advisors who want to know about hidden gems on the internet will appreciate the Web Crush of the Week feature (which I have tweaked into BiblioWeb to focus on blogs and websites of primary interest to book group readers and leaders. Full disclosure here; we’re all about it).

I point you to the archive posts because there’s some great themed reading lists over there with at least two or three books per list that will work well in a discussion setting. Lots of nonfiction, readalikes, and quirky ideas to jolt a book group out of the doldrums.

And readers of this blog will recall the very first post written about Shelf Renewal.



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