Book Trailer Thursday: Goodbye for Now

In the trailer for Laurie Frankel’s Goodbye for Now Sherlock Holmes says “Awesome!,” The Scream screams the first book endorsement in history made by a painting, and… someone get Virginia Woolf away from that glass of water! Finally, we all “totally get” his theory of relativity, but can you believe Einstein’s claim that reading Frankel’s novel aged him in reverse?

If this trailer inspires a rash of other book trailers featuring FPFPs (finger puppet famous people), well… actually, I’d be really happy about that. In all seriousness, Frankel and her team of celebrity impersonators should congratulate themselves for a job well done. This low-tech trailer is goofily funny and entertaining while also relating (thanks again, Einsten!) to the plot of the book itself. Bravo!



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