I’ve Never Been to Me

Oprah’s latest book pick joins a long list of “I took a trip or commited to doing something for a period of time and learned something about myself” memoirs. I have no clever sub-genre title for this, although I have heard it called, “How-nice-for-YOU-lit.”  Fortunately, we don’t have to name the beast to feed it. Fans of Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed might also enjoy:


[If you were alive in the 1970s and were or were being raised by a grown, married lady who owned a radio, this blog title is self-evident. If not, please meet Charlene.)



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Karen Kleckner Keefe is the director of the Hinsdale (IL) Public Library, a Booklist reviewer, and one of Library Journal's 2009 "Movers and Shakers." Follow her on Twitter at @KarenKleckner.

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  1. gerardsaylor@hotmail.com' Gerard says:

    She hikes almost the whole Pacfic Crest Trail and cannot put one damn photo in the book? All NonFiction should include photos and maps.

    • Karen Kleckner Keefe says:

      Three characteristics of nonfiction: photos, index, a title with a long descriptive string after a colon.

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