The Best of #CheeseLit

Last Friday, we amused ourselves by coming up with the cheesiest book titles ever. It was both a lot of fun and a sobering reminder of the havoc Twitter can wreak on an otherwise productive workplace—fortunately, the meme was book-related so we can claim that it was, however marginally, in support of the work we do here at Booklist. (The rest of you are on your own.) There were well over 200 #CheeseLit tweets in all, and I’ve shared some of our favorites below. Please note that though many people suggested East of Edam, I’m only giving credit to the first one I saw. Ditto The Velveeta Rabbit.

Some trends: gouda was perhaps the most common cheese, owing partly to its ability to substitute for a Chico Marx–inflected “good” (though it also showed up in place of “god”); Swiss Family Robinson received five mentions (including Baby Swiss Family Robinson); and the aforementioned East of Edam showed up four times. And who was the cheesiest author? Based on the evidence, Ernest Emmentaler, excuse me, Hemingway (To Havarti and to Havarti Not, For Whom the BelGioioso Tolls, The Old Manchego and the Sea, The Old Man and the Brie), beat out John Stilton, I mean, Steinbeck (East of Edam, Of Mice and Manchego). And, of course, there were some titles that needed no cutting at all: (The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales, I Am the Cheese, Geronimo Stilton).

@christhebookie The Pelican Brie-f

@Booklist_Keir The Decline and Fall of the Romano Empire

@ALA_Booklist The Velveeta Rabbit

@Booklist_Keir The Fontinahead

@amaze10 The Gouda Earth

@Booklist_Keir A Munster Calls

@Booklist_RVnuk: The Man in the Iron Mascarpone

@eyehustlin 20,000 Leagues under the Brie

@megfinn Love in a Time of Camembert

@eyehustlin The Dive from Clausen’s Paneer

@ALA_Booklist The Comté of Monte Cristo

@dan_rude Colby-Dick

@ALA_Booklist Jane Gruyère

@SarahBearHunter East of Edam

@Booklist_Keir To Havarti and to Havarti Not

@NorthshireBooks Gouda Christian Bitches

@ALA_Booklist The Charterhouse of Parmesan

@ALA_Booklist The Scarlet Cheddar

@nicole_miller For Whom the BelGioioso Tolls

@ru3 The Ugly American Individually-Wrapped Single

@ALA_Booklist The Asiago and the Ecstasy

@erintheshea @abbyks Ricottahouse 5

@Booklist_Keir Rosemary’s Babybel

@ALA_Booklist L.A. Con-feta-dential

@ru3 Six Days on a Kraft

@ru3 Five Little Pepper Jacks and How They Grew

@Booklist_Ilene The Men Who Stare at Goat Cheese

@christhebookie Invisible Man-Chego

@ALA_Booklist Charolais’ Web

@greentea166 Tess of the Derby Sage

@christhebookie The Muenster At The End Of This Book

@segedin The Island of the Blue Cheese Dolphins

@segedin Charlie and the Cheesecake Factory

@WileyLibrary Ethan Fromage

@christhebookie Polly-O, Pioneers

@segedin The Curds and Whey of All Flesh

@KarenKleckner Chevre Let Me Go

@WileyLibrary National Velveeta

@Booklist_Bill Old Mozareller

@Booklist_Bill An American Cheese Tragedy

@IkePulver How Mozzarella Got Her Groove Back

@TallyAtwater Midnight in the Garden of Gouda and Evil

@TallyAtwater Provolonesome Dove

@TallyAtwater The Old Manchego and the Sea

@joelcreese I Know Why the Caged Curds Sing

@segedin The Grated American Cheese Novel

@segedin Cheddar Cheddar Bang Bang

@hopedellon Edam Bede

@nyrbLit Swiss Cheese Family Robinson

@trishamead Portrait of the Artist as a Young Manchego

@trishamead Brave Neufchatel World

@jfdubiner Bleu Velveeta

@fuzzydinosaur A Brie Grows in Brooklyn

@JMrvos A Good Manchego is Hard to Find / A Gouda Man is Hard to Find

@jpr602 The Cheddar in the Rye

@Bethyo Pride and Pepperjack

@Bethyo The Mysterious Queso Benjamin Button

@Booklist Bill The Old Man and the Brie



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Keir Graff is Executive Editor of Booklist Publications and the author of five books. His most recent is the middle-grade novel, The Other Felix (2011). Follow him on Twitter at @Booklist_Keir.

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  1.' Melvin Rosenberg says:

    As a Henry James fan I submit “The Golden Bowl of Macaroni and Cheese”. And was there a “Swiss Cheese Family Robinson”?

  2. Keir Graff says:

    There were SEVERAL “Swiss Cheese Family Robinsons,” but that’s the first Henry James reference I’ve seen!

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