Reading the Screen: A Lincoln Lawyer TV Series


I’m not sure how I missed this, but according to this 2011 article at Variety’s website, Michael Connelly is bringing The Lincoln Lawyer, his 2005 novel, to the small screen. It was already made into a very good movie starring Matthew McConaughey, and now the character will anchor a weekly ABC series (the pilot being written by Connelly and John Romano, who wrote the movie together too).

This could work. Mickey Haller, the Lincoln Lawyer (so named because his main office is his Lincoln Town Car), is a likably disreputable guy with a pesky moral streak that can get in the way at the least opportune times. McConaughey played him very well in the movie; I’d like to see him take on the character in the series, too, but I’m sure they’ll get somebody different.

The Lincoln Lawyer novels — there are a handful of them — are excellent legal thrillers, full of good characters and well handled plot twists: perfect material for a television series.

Any thoughts on who should play Mickey on TV?



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