Book Trailer Thursday: Whiplash River

Yogis and non-yogis, belly up–or belly down…ward facing dog, or really, do which ever pose you please–to this crime+novel+trailer+yoga+workout for Lou Berney’s Whiplash River. Booklist reviewer Thomas Gaughan starred it, noting that “Berney’s plot makes as many sharp turns as San Francisco’s famously curvy Lombard Street.” Yoga instruction, then, wouldn’t seem the natural choice to promote the breakneck thriller… Or would it? Enter yoga’s new crime fiction asanas.

For those of us whose Sanskrit-to-English translation is already shaky at best, who are we to say these aren’t the true names of our favorite (least favorite?) yogic poses? In this exciting new realm of book trailer exercise videos, what’s next? Steampunk step aerobics? Urban fantasy spinning class? I’d read anything that claimed to quell a fear of spinning class.



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Annie Bostrom is Associate Editor, Adult Books, at Booklist. She is a cat person, but also really likes dogs. Follow her on Twitter at @Booklist_Annie.

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