Reading the Screen: The Jack Reacher Movie Trailer


I watched, and re-watched, the trailer for Jack Reacher, the forthcoming movie starring Tom Cruise as Lee Child’s Reacher (the movie was formerly titled One Shot, since it’s based on that novel). We’ve talked about the casting of Cruise before — here and here — and a lot of people have very strong opinions about the relatively diminutive Cruise (he measures in at five-foot-seven according to trying to pull off the six-foot-five Reacher, but here’s the thing:

It’s a good trailer. A really, really good trailer. If it weren’t for my preconceptions that Cruise isn’t the right guy to play Reacher, I’d be all hepped up to go see the movie, which is written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie and looks the way I think a Reacher movie should look: dark and violent.

Child has said he endorses Cruise as Reacher — that the man is what’s important, not his height or build — and I’m beginning to think he might be right. Cruise doesn’t look like Reacher, but in the long run does it matter?  Can he play a disaffected ex-military guy who thinks fast and doesn’t mind getting violent when the situation calls for it?

Here’s the trailer, if you haven’t already seen it. Let me know what you think.



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