Web Crush of the Week: Page Turner

A new addition to the New Yorker online family, Page Turner aims to offer “Criticism, contention, and conversation about books that matter.”  Oy. If you know me at all, you know that phrase right there should be enough to turn me right off. Books that matter.  Humph.  According to who?  And furthermore, let me state for the record: ALL books matter, if someone is enjoying reading them.

But my therapist says I need to curtail my over-developed sense of judgment, so I will put aside my hatred of all things pretentious (wait, that sounds kind of pretentious itself, doesn’t it?) to bring you Page Turner, and grudgingly admit that once I got past their tag line, I actually found plenty here to recommend to readersespecially those who enjoy literary fiction.

Daily essays use books as an anchor for cultural comment, and guest posters so far have included Salmon Rushdie, Michael Cunningham, and Junot Diaz.  They also feature author interviews, and frequently post useful roundups of literary web links.



About the Author:

Rebecca Vnuk is the editor for Collection Management and Library Outreach at Booklist. She is also the author of 3 reader’s-advisory nonfiction books: Read On…Women’s Fiction (2009), Women’s Fiction: A Guide to Popular Reading Interests (2014), and Women’s Fiction Authors: A Research Guide (2009). Follow her on Twitter at @Booklist_RVnuk.

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