Dusty Book: Story of My Life

I’m posting this one because Rielle Hunter’s memoir, What Really Happened, is out and making headlines for being a bust.  Perhaps people would rather read a novel where she was the model for the main character?

In Jay McInerney’s (why oh why can I not manage to pronounce his last name correctly, ever?) slice-of-the-80s novel, Story of My Life, Allison is the ultimate New York City party girl, fueled by cocaine and sex and surrounded by people who only want to use and discard her.  But underneath all that, it’s easy to see she’s lonely, confused, and frightened and really, just looking for someone to take care of her – because no one ever has.

Anyway, weird true-story connections aside, if you can stomach the drugs, drinking, swearing, tons and tons of meaningless sex, and general sadness surrounding this young woman, Story of My Life is actually a really good read.  (It’s kind of a raunchy, depressing, uber-trashy precursor to Chick Lit.)    An honest character portrait and a wry look at the end of an era.



About the Author:

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