All Star Distractions for Baseball Fans

While MLB’s All-Star Game is a fun summer tradition for some, die-hard fans can’t wait for the season to start back up after an unbearable four day hiatus. (Coincidence that John Grisham’s perfectly timed Calico Joe is on the NYT bestseller list? I think not.)  Help your stat-hungry patrons stay in touch with America’s pastime with these winning reads.



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Karen Kleckner Keefe is the director of the Hinsdale (IL) Public Library, a Booklist reviewer, and one of Library Journal's 2009 "Movers and Shakers." Follow her on Twitter at @KarenKleckner.

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  1.' Gerard says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, THE ART OF FIELDING is not that great. Nothing happens.

  2.' Gerard says:

    Related to this, I took a film class at the U of I and during a discussion the professor mentioned how few baseball novels there are. Baseball is still popular after 150 years and you’d think there would be more adult fiction about it.

    PRIDE OF THE BIMBOS by John Sayles was okay.

  3.' John Schoppert says:

    Consistantly rated as one of the best baseball novels is Eric Rolfe Greenberg’s The Celebrant which brings to life the era of Christy Mathewson, and the fictional story of a Jewish immigrant family of jewelers.
    An oft overlooked novel is David Small’s Almost Famous about a man with immense skills and an equal ego who is skidded onto another path not of his choosing.

  4.' Gerard says:

    I thought of another one, CAMP FORD by Johnny D. Boggs. Set in a Confederate run POW camp during the Civil War. This one was neat for the historical detail on the mix of MA and NY rules and the different ways each version of the game was played. Won the 2006 Spur award.

  5.' Betty says:

    I agree with Gerard… there needs to be sports fiction novels. I seriously have only been able to find a handful of great sports fiction… my latest being “Ark” by John Heldon, which was really great- A college sports story with a “Field of Dreams” feel to it. Really great for anyone looking for a great sports fiction- since they are so rare.

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