Book Trailer Thursday: Adaptation Anticipation

Consider this BTT a call to pre-“Read the Screen”: trailers have recently been released for film versions of beloved novels. Neither is due in theaters until later this year, giving faithful re-readers reason to pick them up anew and new readers plenty of time to find out where it all began.

While this is certainly not The Great Gatsby‘s first time in the film-adaption rodeo, it has never before been Leo-ified and Baz Luhrmann-ized. For the holidays in 2012, a sweaty, screaming Leonardo DiCaprio as Gatsby will be the gift we give ourselves.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower has been a phenomenon all on its own–when I started college, not that long ago but long ago enough–it occupied top billing in many a cafeteria conversation and on the “A Few Things about Me!” flyers taped to our dorm-room doors, (along with The Great Gatbsy, also known as “the best-loved had-to-read-it-in-HS-English-class-book of all time”). The trailer, showing the benefits of teen alienation, might be just the ticket to convince a new generation of young readers that they, too, can be infinite while they wait for the movie to come out–by reading the novel, of course!



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