Book Trailer Thursday: Dan Gets a Minivan

Book trailer first and homage to MTV’s Pimp My Ride second, this video for Dan Zevin’s Dan Gets a Minivan pleases with swelling beats and captain’s seats.

Sipping a juicebox and spouting universal truths, like how the coolness of one’s ride is best measured in cupholders, and how a minivan can also function as a vacation home, Zevin earns suburban street cred in spades. Lacking nothing but an appearance from Xzibit himself, this trailer is an ode to the seven-seater; families who are stuffed into their sedans will be moved to turn minivan fantasies into reality; city-dwellers might even believe they could parallel park the giant with ease.

The sense of humor and laid-back writing style Zevin promises with this trailer is, according to reviewer David Pitt, “highly recommended to fans of Dave Barry, Roy Blount, and Bill Geist.”



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  1. Xzibit would be proud. He would also add, “Yo dawg, I heard you like cup holders. So I put cup holders in your cup holders, so you can drink juice boxes while you drink juice boxes”.

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