A Love Letter to Libraries

By now you’ve probably heard about the Andrew Carnegie Medals for Excellence in Fiction and Nonfiction—a new adult book award co-sponsored by Booklist. If this is news to you then catch up on The Back Page, er, the back-story before June, 24 when the winners will be announced at ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim, CA.

As with anything that you live and breathe, it’s sometimes all too easy to get mired in routine—to see the letters rather than the story.

Anne Enright, photo courtesy of Dominick Walsh

That’s why these words from Anne Enright, one of the six 2012 Finalists for her novel The Forgotten Waltz, touch us deeply and remind us of why we do what we do each day:

“Being nominated for this award means so much to me. Much of my early reading happened in a Carnegie Library. I was allowed to linger after school in the children’s section of the Rathmines Library in Dublin before catching the bus home. I think I must have been only six or seven years old, and one of my earliest adventures in the world was to go downstairs, after I had eaten every book on the shelves, in order to ask for a ticket to the adult section. The library was a safe and profoundly exciting place for me. My grandmother, my mother and my siblings form three generations of busy library users, and my sister is a librarian who has worked in Ireland, London and Somaliland. In short, I am a believer, and this nomination matters enormously to me. I will treasure it.”

Read what others are saying about the Andrew Carnegie Medals here and stay tuned for the big announcement on June 24!



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