Book Trailer Thursday: Breasts

Maybe, just maybe, I already have your attention. While I’m tempted, perhaps more than ever, to let this book trailer speak for itself, I feel you should sing for your supper, so to speak, by first reading the stellar Booklist review of science journalist Florence Williams’ Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History. With strong and effective author presence, great guest appearances, and, lest we forget to mention, some sturdy visuals, this trailer manages to tackle a touchy subject with brains and humor.

As you may have noticed, I found it nearly impossible to even introduce this trailer, on a topic near to so many of our hearts, without some unintentional bad jokes: I’m sorry. (Also: You’re welcome). Here’s one more: If the aim of a book’s trailer is to drum up excitement and encourage readers to get their hands on a copy, I’d say this one succeeds.



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Annie Bostrom is a marketing associate for Booklist publications. She lives down the street from Chicago’s second-highest-circulating library, and she knows this. Follow her on Twitter at @eyehustlin.

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  1. You should have called this Boob Trailer Thursday.

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