Book Trailer Thursday: A NYC Daily Double

This week’s MM BTT celebrates the city so nice they named it twice by featuring TWO New York City mystery book trailers, one taking place in Manhattan and the other in Brooklyn. That’s right–two out of five boroughs represented! While a 40% might not be a passing grade anywhere else, when you consider that this is 200% of the number of trailers we usually feature, you get an average of about… 120%? In other words, High Honor Roll material.

For the adult crowd, Outerborough Blues‘ trailer showcases silvery still frames of Brooklyn (and a quote from the Booklist review!):

And the trailer for Madhattan Mystery hooks its young audience with snippets of text and alternating funny and interesting images:

Only one week of MM BTT remains. Will it be a caper in Queens? A tale of a Staten Island sleuth? I could tell you, but then…



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Annie Bostrom is Associate Editor, Adult Books, at Booklist. She is a cat person, but also really likes dogs. Follow her on Twitter at @Booklist_Annie.

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