CADS: If You Don't Know Them, It's a Crime

If hearing about a magazine called CADS doesn’t make your ears prick up, there’s no hope for you. Several oblique references to such a periodical made me do a little sleuthing. First of all, I learned that it stands for Crime And Detective Stories—I was somewhat disappointed to learn that the stories in question need not feature actual cads. I sent an email to Geoff Bradley, who confessed to being the editor and publisher, but, when I told him I was hoping to share some links, politely told me, “Sorry, CADS is rather old-fashioned and we don’t have a website.” No website? The mystery deepens! Bradley delivers the denouement:

CADS is an in-print magazine about Crime And Detective Stories with emphasis on older writers. It is published on an irregular basis about every five months. Each issue is 80 A4 pages. The current issue, number 62, includes articles on: T. S. Eliot’s reviews of crime fiction written for the New Criterion in the 1920s; crime writers as poets; Anthony Berkeley’s stage plays; and poems about Hitchcock and his work. There are also articles on the writers H. C. Bailey, Agatha Christie, C. S. Forester, Clifford Witting, William Mole, Michael Gilbert, Ian McIntosh, John Dickson Carr  and Dorothy L. Sayers. The issue also contains all the usual features, including an obituary column, reviews and letters pages, and a questionnaire in which a current writer (Elly Griffiths in CADS 62) answers questions.

There is no subscription system as such for CADS but issues can be ordered individually, each issue coming with an order form for the next issue. CADS 62 comes with an order form for CADS 63 so that readers who like CADS 62 can order CADS 63 in advance.

CADS can only be ordered directly from me and I welcome enquiries. [Send email to—Ed] There are 50 or so regular readers in the U.S. The cost of CADS 62 including postage was $15 by airmail or $13 by surface mail. (But as we have just had a major increase in postal charges the cost of CADS 63 might be a little higher.).



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