Book Trailer Thursday: The Family Corleone

BTT is kicking off Booklist‘s Mystery Month with a tale as old as time; watch as one of crime fiction’s most notorious families harasses a lowly publisher in the trailer for Ed Falco’s prequel to the Godfather trilogy, The Family Corleone.

I don’t know about you, but I’m with snivelly, bespectacled book guy on this one–I don’t doubt that those hoods would poke my eyes out with their bare hands, and the opera playing in the background would do little to improve the discomfort of this situation. I like to think I would have at least bargained for a cannoli or two, though, or perhaps their nonna’s recipe for gravy…



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  1. bill ott says:

    Great trailer. I’ve been wanting to read The Family Corleone since Dan Kraus reviewed it. The trailer reminds this snivelly, bespectacled editor of the time Harlan Ellison called me, after we said some critical things about his latest book, and announced he was going to get on a plane, come to Chicago, and “beat the crap out of you and the numbskull who reviewed my book.” Thank heavens for ALA’s crackerjack security team.

  2.' roger boranga says:

    the trailer was awesome..can’t wait for the movie..i’m sure that laugh is going to give me nightmares

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