So there’s this little movie that just came out…

Perhaps you’ve heard of it, The Hunger Games?

Normally here on Shelfrenewal we like to create read-alike lists to go along with what’s happening in pop culture, but heck, I’m not going to reinvent the wheel, since so many fab YA librarians have already done so.

Instead I’d we’ll just showcase some of those lists here.

Evanston Public Library

Normal Public Library

Palatine Public Library

Rochester Hills Public Library

Omaha Public Library

Lake Forest Public Library

Hunger Games Readalikes for Adults, courtesy of Becky Spratford

(want your library’s list here? Leave a comment or email me and let me know the link!)

However.  I would like to point out something interesting.  All of these books are fairly easy-to-find dystopian fiction – which has been hot for a few years now, especially in the YA world.  What sets The Hunger Games apart though, is the reality-TV-gone-wrong aspect.  Did you know that a similar premise was put forth in a really good movie? (No, I’m not talking about Battle Royale.)

Back in 2001, an indie flick called Series Seven came out, and I thought it was fantastic.  Six random Americans are chosen to participate in a reality TV show where the contestants must kill or be killed.  Dawn, 8 months pregnant, is reigning champion after 6 seasons, and if she wins this season, she’ll never have to participate again.

It’s a scathing satire of reality TV and of society in general.  I highly recommend checking this one out and suggesting it to your adult fans of The Hunger Games.  (And I do mean adult.  It’s quite violent and irreverent.)

(ooh, and yes, I do know that Stephen King did it first, way back with his 1982 Bachman book/subsequent movie The Running Man. But everyone already knows that, whereas I bet very few people are familiar with Series Seven.  In fact, I would even go so far as to say his other Bachman book, The Long Walk, has more in common with The Hunger Games than The Running Man does…oh, just go get a copy of The Bachman Books already!)












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