Godfather Sequels & Prequels (And I Starred in One of Them!)

There’s a lot of hubbub around Ed Falco’s new prequel to The Godfather, called The Family Corleone. Seems like Paramount, who was not a fan of the two post-Puzo sequels written by Mark Winegardner, wants to “protect the integrity and reputation of The Godfather trilogy” by preventing the publication of Falco’s book.

Too bad, I say, because Falco’s prequel is pretty darn good. As I say in my review:

For better or worse, Falco follows every esoteric character with the same steadicam curiosity. His moments of blam-blam-blam, though, are ace. Best of all, he supplies a grand set-piece finale—a parade—that will have readers dreaming of just one more movie.

At the end of the day, though, I can’t help but feel a little jealous by all of the free press Falco is scoring. After all, I wrote, produced, directed, and starred in my own feature-length Godfather sequel when I was in high school, and to date, not a single damn person has sued me! What will it take?? Watch my teenage magnum opus below, or read the story behind the story right here.



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