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So That's What She's Been Up To

Almost as soon as Harry Potter et. al. took their final ride on the Hogwarts Express in 2007, readers began to speculate what the next big project was for J.K. Rowling. Now we know. She has finished an adult novel, though the publication date is still under wraps. What was disclosed in a press release is that she is leaving her British publisher, Bloomsbury (her American publisher was Scholastic) and moving to Little, Brown for this book. Obviously, Rowling’s name recognition, the built-in audience of those who grew up with the series, and the expected hoopla when this pubs will bring enormous attention (and enormous pressure for success) to the book. Since mum’s the word on genre, content, and characters–though Rowling says it will be “very different” from Potter– there’s not much to speculate about. But cheers to someone who could have sat on her laurels (and piles of money) but is willing to give the writing game another go.



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