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Games You Can Play With Your Book Group: Quiz Decks

I spent some of the holidays cleaning out my “book room”. Many of you know what this room is. It’s the one room in the house where the books live in stacks on the floor on neat shelves. These are all the books I hope to read/can’t part with/use in workshops/give as gifts.

But while pawing through the stacks I found a couple of decks of Knowledge Cards from Pomegranate. I sat down in a chilly room and started flipping through The Plot Thickens, Unforgettable Characters, and Who Was She: Notable Women in Literature.

I quizzed myself with these literary bits:

A. This Pulitzer Prize-winning play, which takes place in 1950s Pittsburgh, tells the story of a former Negro League ballplayer whose fruitless struggles against racism blind him to the barriers he sets up around his own family.

B. Her vocal opposition tot he Vietnam War attracted a new generation of readers to her poetry. Who Was She?

C. In a popular novel this taciturn and perhaps mentally damaged gardener obtains his entire knowledge of the world from television.

After more than an hour of testing my reading knowledge, I decided to share these quiz decks with my book groups. I know they’ll have fun quizzing me and each other on classic and contemporary literature.

Oh! And the answers? A. Fences by August Wilson B. Muriel Rukeyser C. Chance from Being There by Jerzy Kosinski.



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